Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Has your aircon been acting funny lately? Has it not been functioning well and starting to give out bad odour? Give it a thorough cleaning with our chemical wash service!
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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Is your aircon in need of a thorough check with subsequent cleaning and repairs? Maybe it needs a chemical overhaul to return it to its top condition!
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Aircon Chemical Overhaul Singapore

Is Your Aircon Functioning Well?

Aircons are important for those living in hot and humid countries such as Singapore. It is installed in literally every home and company to provide cool air for us. However, this cannot go on forever as aircons are like all other items – they are subjected to wear and tear.

Sometimes, the parts inside get clogged up with dirt, mould and dust because we don’t clean it properly. This is very common as we often overlook the importance of maintaining the condition of our air conditioners.

Besides that, if our aircons function too long without any maintenance or servicing, the internal parts will start to become defective. When this happens, the cooling function of the aircon is impaired and your electricity bill will creep up slowly. That’s because your aircon is working twice or thrice as hard to provide you with cool air!

Will Cleaning Suffice?

At times like this, you may think that cleaning is sufficient. It is not always effective if the problem involves damage in the parts of the aircon such as damaged fan, faulty air filters, blocked drain pipes and broken evaporator coil. If you want to clean and replace the parts of your aircon, a chemical overhaul is the most suitable choice for your air conditioning unit.

In contrast to overhaul, a chemical wash merely cleans your air con rather than fixing the existing problems. Thus, if it has been awhile since you last serviced and cleaned it, it is best to go for an overhaul.

The Overhaul Process

During a chemical overhaul, your whole aircon may be dismantled and removed from the wall. All the pipes and drain lines are also exposed to check if they are functioning properly. If they are clogged, our professionals will clean it out whereas if they are damaged, we will repair or replace it for you. Other parts are checked if they are functioning properly and if it is needed to be replaced.

After replacing and checking, the parts are cleaned with chemicals to eliminate any mould or dirt which may impair the proper functioning of your air conditioner. We will then rinse it with water.

In the end, the aircon will be reassembled. Voila! You will have an aircon which works like brand new again!

Leave It To The Professionals

Chemical overhaul cannot be done simply. It must be done with care and technique to ensure that your aircon gets an extensive check with minimal damage. At times like this, you can leave it up to our professional team of aircon experts! As we have the skills, knowledge and experience in the field of air conditioning system, we have the confidence to deliver the best quality work for you.

Other than that, we use only cleaning tools and chemicals of good quality to give your aircon a thorough makeover and cleaning. This way, we will not cause any damage to your precious aircon.

Furthermore, although the chemical overhaul service is slightly more expensive than your regular chemical wash, we have tried to bring it down to the lowest price possible. However, with this price, a chemical overhaul will be able to service and clean your aircon at the same time. Thus, it will definitely be worth your money.

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Don’t neglect the care for your aircon as it is very important to us who are living in hot countries! Contact us today to get a proper check for your aircon to see if it is in need of an overhaul. You can also check out our other services such as chemical cleaning, servicing, repair and maintenance. Remember, regular care is the key to a perfectly functioning aircon!

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Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible