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Car Grooming Xpert – Your trusted car grooming service provider. We offer a wide range of quality car detailing solutions at affordable rates.
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Car Grooming

Is your car covered with scratches after all these years? Is it hard to clean off grime? Our car grooming services got all your worries covered!
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Proud Car Owners

As our quality of life increases day by day, more people are becoming proud car owners. However, a new car comes with responsibilities – you need to maintain its marvellous aesthetic as well as its condition. You would want people around you to shoot you and your car looks of awe and envy, not looks of disgust and pity.

Nowadays, as people in Singapore continue to climb the ranks at their workplace, they become more occupied with work and are left with less time to care for their cars. As such, their cars’ condition deteriorates and its once glorious appearance fades to nothing.

After a few years, your car paint starts to peel because it was subject to the elements of nature. Car scratches no longer make your heart ache and the car paint starts to lose its shine. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be that way!

Importance of Car Care

With care, your car can maintain its amazing exterior for several years. Okay, now that we’ve got you to be motivated to care for your car, how are you going to do it? Not everyone is skilled to groom and clean their car properly. Improper grooming, polishing or cleaning techniques may even cause more damage for your car, be it the interior or the exterior.

Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the whole grooming process in the first place?

Car Grooming Xpert – The Solution

Worry not, as we are here to be of help!

SG Xpert proudly presents our car grooming division – Car Grooming Xpert!

At Car Grooming Xpert, we offer a wide variety of car grooming services. Grooming is defined as looking after or to keep something neat and clean. Thus, when we groom your car, we are looking after it with love and care as well as make it look as good as new again. You can then bring it home with pride!

Wide Variety Of Services

Depending on the current condition of your car, we can provide several car grooming services which can return your car to its once glorious state or make it shine even more than before. Listed below are few of the services that are offered by our car grooming pro team.

  • Paint Protection Service
    This is to give your car an extra layer of protection so that it can withstand minor scratches.
  • Exterior Protection Service
    As the exterior of your car is subjected to many hazards such as stones and the weather, we provide services such as underbody protection and stone chip protection.
  • Interior Protection Service
    The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior of it especially when you are chauffeuring friends and family around. Thus, you can opt for carpet protection and leather protection.
  • Polish Service
    With proper technique, car polish enables the deep scratches on your precious car to vanish like magic. It also allows previously yellowed or dusty surfaces to regain its shiny appearance. Moreover, there are several kinds of polishing services such as exterior polishing, interior polishing, windscreen polishing and headlight polishing.
  • Car Wash Service
    Who says washing your car isn’t a form of car grooming? Proper washing will maintain your car’s coat and remove the coat of dust effectively from your car without damage to your car paint. What’s best is that you can choose the forms of car wash that you prefer such as mobile car wash!
  • Car Detailing Service
    To improve handling of your car, we also provide tyre shining, engine cleaning, rain repellent treatment for your car’s glass and even more.

Professionals In Our Field

Our professional car grooming team are skilled, dedicated and experienced. As our love for cars run deep, we tend to every car as if it is our own. Furthermore, we only use products of good quality to complete our tasks so that your satisfaction will be ensured.

We know that the prices of things in Singapore have been rising non-stop. However, we still hope that every car owner will take the initiative to tend to their cars properly. Thus, we offer our services at an affordable price range so that you will not suffer from a financial burden.

If you have any doubts, we are always happy to hear it out and answer your questions. In addition to that, if you have any expectations about your car, feel free to convey it to us and we will try our best to live up to it.

Don’t Wait!

Tempted to make your car shine once again? Wait no more! Contact us now to book an appointment or know more about the other services that we are currently offering. Car grooming starts with your initiative!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible