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Is your paintwork peeling off? Does your business need a makeover? Get your rooms and buildings painted with us now for extra protection and aesthetics!
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Envious Of Others?

Do you walk into your friends’ well-furnished house and marvel in wonder at the amazing appearance of their homes? Don’t you want your home to look that way as well?

Nowadays, as people in Singapore are getting busier with work, they are left with less time on their hands. Even if there is time after they get off work, they will normally be tired and would like to spend time resting. The motivation to paint their walls will not exist any longer during periods like this.

Too Much Effort And Time

Moreover, the effort and time needed to paint their walls are often a luxury for them. In addition to that, not everyone has the necessary skills and equipment to achieve the desirable effects for their walls.

However, be it condos, terrace houses or HDB flats, you would want your home’s interior and exterior to look good. What can you do then?

Benefits of Wall Painting

Painting your walls can bring a lot of benefits to your home and to yourself. The most obvious benefit is for aesthetic reasons. Peeled paint, cracks and stains can be painted over. Your walls will look as good as new once again as it would be free from imperfections. It would definitely be beneficial for your emotions as you will not feel that irritated and annoyed when you get home and see the imperfections on your house’s paintwork. You can even choose the colour that you want to convey different feelings such as lighter colours for a relaxing feel.

The other reason is that it provides a layer of protection for your walls. This is even more crucial for the exterior of your walls which is often weathered on by the elements of nature such as the hot sun and acidic rain.

Our Professionals Are Here To Help

Of course, we all know that the solution to the time and skill problems as aforementioned, it is to get help! This is where we come in.

Our professional wall painting division, SG Xpert, offers painting services that are created to suit your needs. It depends on the building that you require us to paint and the function of the rooms in your room. Below are some examples of the painting services that we offer.

  • Wall Painting Interior
  • Wall Painting Exterior
  • Wall Painting for Bedroom
  • Wall Painting for Bathroom
  • Wall Painting for Guest Room
  • Gym Painting
  • Hospital Painting
  • Office Painting

Whether you are a house owner or a business owner, we definitely have the suitable painting service that you require!

Only The Best For You

So why choose us?

Our painters are reliable, dedicated and skilled. As we are equipped with ample experience, we are able to turn previously crack-filled walls into perfectly painted walls with no evidence of previous cracks.

We only want the best for you. Therefore, we only use paint products that are of good quality such as Nippon paint to ensure your satisfaction with our work. Furthermore, our services are offered at an affordable price so that your wallet will not suffer.

If you have any expectations of the outcome of your room, do not hesitate to tell us as we will try to achieve it. Unsure of what style you want for your house or building? No worries! Our professional team will give relevant suggestions based on the function of your room or building.

Don’t Wait!

Good paintwork gives the impression that you are meticulous and organised. It also gives your home a aesthetic feel that others will be envious of. So why wait when you can get it now? Contact us to book an appointment today or enquire more about our painting services. You will definitely not regret.



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For further enquiries, chat with us now!

Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

Drop us a line any time, and one of our customer service reps will respond to you as soon as possible