Trusted Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming Singapore – Your trusted pet grooming service provider. We offer a wide range of quality pet grooming solutions at affordable rates.
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Trusted Pet Grooming Services

Pet Grooming Singapore – Your trusted pet grooming service provider. We offer a wide range of quality pet grooming solutions at affordable rates.
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Pet Grooming Singapore

Caring For Our Furry Friends

Pets are dear to all pet lovers. We want our pets to look good, presentable and glorious so we can be proud pet owners as we walk along the streets in Singapore. After all, good looking pets often garner cooing and compliments from our friends and passers-by. Our furry friends may range from the smallest rodent to the largest horse but the more common ones are dogs and cats.

However, time and effort are often required to trim their hair, cut their nails and groom their coats. The most frustrating thing is when you’ve put in effort to care for your pet but the end results are still not to your satisfaction. Won’t you feel that you’ve spent all that time for nothing?

What’s more, unlike humans, pets cannot talk and often cannot convey their pain during handling. We are sure that you would not want to hurt your pet via improper handling and grooming. Grooming a pet requires skills and experience after all.

The Easy Way Out

Why not opt for an easier way out – let us groom your pets!

Caring for pets is a complex process as every pet has different needs. Dogs of different breeds require different grooming techniques depending on their fur coat. Some cats may even have two coats such as the Persian cat. Rabbit fur tend to get tangled especially Lionhead breed rabbits. Isn’t it interesting that each pet has its own characteristic to be taken note of?

Too Much Of A Hassle?

We know it might be agonising for you because there are just too many things to remember!

At SG Xpert, we understand our customer’s daily life worries. Therefore, our pet grooming division, Pet Grooming Xperts, offer a wide variety of grooming services. Currently, the grooming services offered are catered to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Below are just few examples of what we have to offer.

  • Pet Services
    • Mobile Pet Spa
    • Pet Teeth Cleaning
    • Pet Ear Cleaning
    • Pet Sitting Contract
  • Dog Grooming
    • Puli Grooming
    • Golden Retriever Grooming
    • Dog Training
    • Dog Walking
  • Cat Grooming
    • Persian Cat Grooming
    • Ragdoll Grooming
    • Cat Bath
    • Cat Claw Trimming
    • Cat Salon
  • Bird Grooming
    • Parrot Grooming
  • Rabbit Grooming
    • Lionhead Grooming
    • Nail Clipping
  • Guinea Pig Grooming
  • Hamster Grooming

Quality Services Specially For Your Pet

Our pet groomers are avid pet lovers. Other than that, we got the necessary skills, experience and dedication to provide the best for your pet. We will ensure that they enjoy the services that we provide.

Besides that, we only use products that we deem are of good quality for your pets as we want the best for your pets and for you. We love seeing the satisfied smiles on the pet owners’ faces when they bring their pets home after receiving our services.

Although we stress on quality, we also make sure that our services are of affordable prices. We want our customers to send their pets here without bringing home more worries.

Furthermore, we answer any doubts that our customers raise prior to engaging in our services so that they can make the best choice. If you have any expectations for your pet, feel free to also convey it to our pet grooming division and we will try to satisfy it.

Your Furry Friends Are Waiting

Give your furry friends the service that they truly deserve! Pamper them with your love and care and they will repay you with theirs. To book an appointment or for more information about our pet grooming services, contact us today!


Our Pet Grooming Services

Dog Grooming

Pet Hotel

Cat Grooming

Pet Cremation

Rabbit Grooming

Pet Taxi

Guinea Pig Grooming

Dog Training

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